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  • awesome
    The waterfall in the middle of the rainforest was an awesome sightThe tsunami was awesome in its destructive powerThat was awesome!
  • beautiful
    a beautiful city, a splendid atmosphere, no Cohn-Bendit there, so just magnificent! schöne Stadt, herrliches Ambiente, Cohn-Bendit nicht dabei, also ganz toll! Unfortunately I do not share Mr Blak's view that the bridge between Sweden and Denmark will be as beautiful and attractive as the one at Great Belt. Ich kann dem leider nicht zustimmen, daß die Brücke zwischen Schweden und Dänemark genauso toll und schön sein wird wie die am Großen Belt, wie von Blak beschrieben. Anyone who has ever met her thought she was absolutely beautiful
  • cool
    Linen has made cool and breathable clothing for millenniaIf you have a reddish complexion, you should mainly wear cool colorsHis proposals had a cool reception
  • crazy
    His ideas were both frightening and crazyWhen she gets on the motorcycle she goes crazyHe went crazy when he won
  • fun
    We had a fun time at the party.He is such a fun person to be with.This years fashion style is much more fun than recent seasons.
  • mad
    You want to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes? Are you mad?Hes got this mad idea that hes irresistible to womenAre you mad at me?
  • nice
    I must say it was a very nice gang. Ich muss sagen, das war wirklich eine tolle "Bande". What is a nice person like you doing in a place like this?The soup is nice and hot
  • amazing
    We all had amazing teachers when we were at school and we all remember them. Wir alle hatten während unserer Schulzeit tolle Lehrer, und wir alle erinnern uns an sie. I simply believe that this amazing level of activity will only come about if there is competition between cities. Ich finde einfach, dass das eine ganz tolle Bewegung ist, die nur dann zustande kommt, wenn es Wettbewerb untereinander gibt.
  • banging
    The banging of the hammers could be heard from several streets away.Strange bangings in the old house were ascribed to a poltergeist.Wow, what a banging haircut! It looks terrific!
  • corking
  • epicThe Icelandic epic took all night to recite.The book was an epic in four volumes.Beowulf is an epic poem
  • fantastic
    It has been a fantastic event, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to meet you. Es waren tolle Tage, und ich bin Ihnen dankbar, dass ich Ihnen begegnen konnte. That is a fantastic idea - promoting mobility while taking measures to avoid disasters and environmental pollution. Das ist eine tolle Idee, die Mobilität voranzubringen und gleichzeitig Maßnahmen zur Vermeidung von Unfällen und Umweltbelastungen zu ergreifen. Every one of us should realise that she took a real Sisyphean task upon herself here and I believe she has done an admirable and fantastic job. Jeder von uns mußte wissen, daß sie hier eine Sisyphusarbeit auf sich genommen hat, und ich meine, sie hat sie bewundernswert und toll geleistet.
  • funny
    When I went to the circus, I only found the clowns funny. The milk smelt funny so I poured it away.Ive got a funny feeling that this isnt going to work.
  • gas
    A lot of gas had escaped from the cylinderThe atmosphere is made up of a number of different gasesGas-fired power stations have largely replaced coal-burning ones
  • gorgeous
    All the contest judges agreed that Brigitt was absolutely gorgeous.The sunsets in Hawaii are gorgeous.Hummus is absolutely gorgeous.
  • great
    Or should I say that things are not that great? Oder soll ich sagen, es ist nicht alles ganz toll? Be that as it may, it has been great to work with you. Wie dem auch sei, es war toll, mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten. He really did do a fine job, and achieved a great deal. Es war wirklich eine tolle Arbeit und Leistung, die er vollbracht hat.
  • groovyThe back of the tile was groovy so that it could hold the adhesive compound.
  • hip
  • incredibleHe was so wrapped up in watching the incredible special effects that he couldnt keep track of the storyI had such an incredible slice of pizza last night that I simply cant think about anything else
  • insanean insane hospitalan insane asyluman insane plan
  • lush
    That meal was lush! We have to go that restaurant again sometime!Boys with long hair are lush!Your voice is lush, Lucy! I could listen to it all day!
  • neat
    She has very neat hairI like my whisky neatThe molecular beam was neat acetylene
  • niftya nifty trick for reducing your household energy bill
  • nuts
    Ohhh, he just got kicked in the nuts!If the board is 234QA, all of spades, the nuts is 56 of spades.If the board is 4444J, the nuts is any hand with an ace.
  • peachyAlthough this is an apricot pie, it tastes peachy.Life is peachy now that summer has come.
  • stunningThe stunning success of the Socrates/Erasmus programme, on which I was the rapporteur on more than one occasion, is the inspiration behind this new programme. Der tolle Erfolg des Sokrates/Erasmus-Programms, für das ich mehrfach Berichterstatterin war, hat dieses neue Programm inspiriert. The stunning jolt from the taser gun made the criminal stop fleeing.That woman is stunning!
  • superThe party was super awesome.Jane looked forward to collecting a large super payout when she retired.
  • unbelievable
    The most unbelievable thing happened to me today!This restaurant makes unbelievable pizza!His excuse seems rather unbelievable.
  • wicked
    That was a wicked guitar solo, bro!The band we went to see the other night was wicked loud!a two-wicked lamp
  • wild
    Przewalskis horses are the only remaining wild horseswild honeyI was filled with wild rage when I discovered the infidelity, and punched a hole in the wall

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