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  • brandish
    He brandished his sword at the brandish syllogisms
  • demonstrate
    I would like to be able to demonstrate for you the difference between a ramp at 25- and a ramp at 20º. Ich wünschte, ich könnte Ihnen etwas vorführen, um den Unterschied zwischen einer Rampe von 25 Grad und einer Rampe von 20 Grad zu verdeutlichen. Can you demonstrate the new tools for us?Those people outside are demonstrating against the election results
  • exhibit
    He wanted to exhibit his baseball cardsThe players exhibited great skillI now exhibit this bloody hammer
  • give
    I gave him my coatI gave my coat to the beggarWhen they asked, I gave my coat
  • indicate
    The guard blew his whistle to indicate imminent departureGreat prostration of strength indicates the use of stimulants
  • parade
    a Veterans Day parade; a Santa Claus parade; a May Day paradeThe floats and horses in the parade were impressive, but the marching bands were really amazinga parade of shops
  • perform
    The scientists performed several experimentsIt took him only twenty minutes to perform the taskShe will perform in the play
  • play
    They played long and hardHe plays on three teamsWhos playing now?
  • presentWe cannot allow a handful of people who, up until now, have seldom been present on a Friday, to make a mockery of us and blacken our public image. Es kann nicht sein, daß wir uns von einigen Leuten, die bis dahin freitags selten anwesend waren, so vorführen lassen und in der Öffentlichkeit ein miserables Bild abgeben. The barbaric practice continues to the present dayThe present manager has been here longer than the last one
  • put someone in their placeHis quips at the party aimed to put the CEO in his place.
  • show
    I cannot show you the television programmes here but I can show you the Greek newspapers from a few weeks before the elections. Ich kann Ihnen hier leider nicht die griechischen Fernsehsendungen vorführen, lege Ihnen jedoch die griechischen Zeitungen wenige Wochen vor den Wahlen vor. For the rest, I would refer to those after me who are going to speak about the agencies - this is another area in which we could show by example how to put transparency into practice. Ansonsten verweise ich auf meine Nachredner zum Thema Agenturen. Auch dort könnte man exemplarisch vorführen, wie man Transparenz lebt. The cars dull finish showed years of neglect
  • showcase
    I think the demonstration really showcases the strengths of the software.

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