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  • läpiVoimme käydä läpi yhteisön säännöstön. We can go through the "acquis' . Olen käynyt läpi koko mietinnön. I have looked through the report. Sallikaa minun käydä tosiseikat nopeasti läpi. Let me just run through the facts.
  • kauttaInternetin kautta voi soittaa puheluja. We can telephone through the Internet. Teemme tämän ohjelmien kautta. We shall do that through the programme. He tarvitsevat tukea yhteisvastuumme kautta. They need support through our solidarity.
  • läpäistäKöyhdytettyä uraania käytetään pommeissa, koska se on erittäin tiivistä ja läpäisevää; se voi läpäistä esimerkiksi lattian tai panssarivaunun. This depleted uranium is used in bombs because it is very dense and highly penetrating; it can blast through floors, tank armouring and so on. Ensimmäinen kohta on suhteellisen vaalitavan merkitys yhteisenä vaalijärjestelmänä, mutta Amsterdamin sopimuksen mukaan tämän merkityksen täytyy läpäistä myös kansalliset parlamentit. The first relates to the importance of proportional representation as a common electoral system. This importance must also filter through to national parliaments on the basis of the Amsterdam Treaty. Auringon valo läpäisee ohuet verhot

Definition für through

  • From one side of an opening to the other
  • Entering, then later leaving
  • Surrounded by (while moving
  • By means of
  • In consequence of; as a result of
  • To and including, with all intermediate values
  • Passing from one side of something to the other
  • Finished; complete
  • Without a future; done for
  • No longer interested; wearied or turned off by experience
  • Proceeding from origin to destination without delay due to change of equipment
  • In possession of the ball beyond the last line of defence but not necessarily the goalkeeper; through on goal
  • From one side to the other by way of the interior
  • From one end to the other
  • To the end
  • Completely
  • Out into the open
  • A large slab of stone laid in a dry-stone wall from one side to the other; a perpend
  • A coffin, sarcophagus or tomb of stone; a large slab of stone laid on a tomb


  • I went through the window
  • I drove through the town at top speed without looking left or right
  • We slogged through the mud for hours before turning back and giving up
  • This team believes in winning through intimidation
  • your membership is active through March 15, 2013
  • Interstate highways form a nationwide system of through roads
  • They were through with laying the subroof by noon
  • After being implicated in the scandal, he was through as an executive in financial services
  • She was through with him
  • The through flight through Memphis was the fastest
  • The arrow went straight through.
  • Others slept; he worked straight through.
  • She read the letter through.
  • He said he would see it through.
  • Leave the yarn in the dye overnight so the color soaks through.
  • The American army broke through at St. Lo.

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