Finnisch-Englisch Übersetzung für puuro

  • porridge
    Eat your porridge while its hot!Just do your porridge and keep your head down.
  • mush
    He mushed the ingredients together.Oy, mush! Get out of it!Thats what wed sayBarging the localsOut of the way"— MAUREEN AND DOREEN AND NOREEN AND ME, Peculiar Poems, []When Im around its not uncommon for someone to call me and say :Oy mush, get your bum over here and give us a hand." — THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING: In Which King Arthur Uther Pendragon Grants An Interview []
  • hot cereal

Definition für puuro

  • jostakin viljasta maidon tai veden kanssa keittämällä valmistettu velliä kiinteämpi ruoka


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