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  • nice
    What is a nice person like you doing in a place like this?The soup is nice and hotChildren, play nice
  • fun
    We had a fun time at the party.He is such a fun person to be with.This years fashion style is much more fun than recent seasons.
  • enjoyableThat was an enjoyable day; I had a lot of fun.
  • funny
    When I went to the circus, I only found the clowns funny. The milk smelt funny so I poured it away.Ive got a funny feeling that this isnt going to work.
  • good
    good intentionsa good swimmerCan you lend me fifty dollars? You know Im good for it
  • goodie
  • pleasant
    We had a pleasant walk around the townIt wasnt so hot outside, but pleasant enough to have lunch in the garden
  • pretty
    Well stop at the knife store and look at the sharp pretties.


  • Olen tutustunut moniin kivoihin ihmisiin tänä kesänä.
  • Lapsena oli aina kiva mennä Linnanmäelle.
  • kivan näköinen
  • Meillä oli tosi kivaa.
  • Kivat kengät!

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