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  • clever
    Just look how clever and clean the EU 2020 strategy is! Katsokaa vaikka kuinka nokkela ja siisti Eurooppa 2020 -strategia on! They think it is very clever: ‘Context, not text, is the problem’. Se on heidän mielestään erittäin nokkela: "ongelmana ei ole teksti, vaan konteksti". clever like a fox
  • quick
    I ran to the station – but I wasnt quick enoughHes a quick runnerThat was a quick meal
  • ingenious
    This fellow is ingenious; he fixed a problem I didnt even know I hadThat is an ingenious model of the atomHe sent me an ingenious reply for an email
  • quick-wittedShe was far too quick-witted to miss the implications of what he was saying.
  • shrewda shrewd guessa shrewd blow, or assaulta shrewd wind

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