Englisch-Finnisch Übersetzung für fractional

  • mitätönHavaitsemamme vaihtelu oli mitätöntä.Kaksivuotiaiden lasten keskenään tekemä sopimus on mitätön, koska he ovat oikeustoimikelvottomia.
  • pienen pieni
  • pikkiriikkinen

Definition für fractional

  • Pertaining to a fraction
  • Very small; minute
  • Relating to a process or product of fractional distillation
  • An expression of a fractional number
  • Partial ownership of a property, such as real estate or a chartered airplane, such that each partial owner has use of the property for only a portion of the time


  • In English, most ordinals double as fractionals — "third", "fourth", and so on — with the exception of "second", whose corresponding fractional is "half".
  • A fractional is much more expensive than a traditional timeshare, but to many people, its worth it.

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