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  • service
    We have created the term 'public service' . Olemme luoneet käsitteen " julkinen palvelu" tai " yleinen palvelu" . I know that this service is unprofitable. Tiedän, että tämä palvelu tuottaa tappiota. Yet we still do not have a better service. Palvelu ei ole kuitenkaan vielä parantunut.
  • utility
    Ive bought a new disk utility that can recover deleted files.utility line; utility billutility room
  • amenity
    We especially enjoyed the amenity of the climate on our last holiday.All the little amenities the hotel provided made our stay very enjoyable.
  • attendance
    Attendance at the meeting is required.The class sat down so that the teacher could take attendance.Johns attendance for the conventions was not good.

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