Finnisch-Englisch Übersetzung für naurattaa

  • amuse
    I watch these movies because they amuse me.It always amuses me to hear the funny stories why people havent got a ticket, but I never let them get in without paying.His jokes rarely fail to amuse.
  • crack up
    It was hilarious. We were cracking up the whole time.The joke about the nuns in the bath cracked me up.She got through the war, but cracked up when her sister died.
  • laugh
    I laugh sometimes when I hear the suggestion that it is the EU that is responsible for 60 years of peace in Europe. Naurattaa joskus, kun kuulen, että EU olisi vastuussa 60 rauhan vuodesta Euroopassa. His deep laughs boomed through the roomYour new hats an absolute laugh, dude

Definition für naurattaa

  • saada nauramaan


  • Pellet naurattavat minua.
  • Minua naurattaa.


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