Finnisch-Englisch Übersetzung für kodikas

  • cosy
    He spent all day cosying up to the new boss, hoping for a plum assignment.
  • cozy
  • homey
    Susan added some homey touches to her office.
  • snug
    I felt snug tucked up in my snug bed.
  • homie
    Hey there, Francis, my homie!Yo, homie!
  • intimate
    The first occasion was a very intimate one, there were two other Members of the House present that evening with me. Ensimmäinen kerta oli hyvin kodikas, paikalla oli nimittäin minun lisäkseni vain kaksi parlamentin jäsentä. an intimate friendHe and his sister deeply valued their intimate relationship as they didnt have much else to live for.

Definition für kodikas

  • sellainen, joka on kodinomainen, kotoinen; viihtyisä

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