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  • innocent
    Innocent children for innocent children. Viaton lapsi viattomasta lapsesta. No governments are innocent in this affair! Yksikään hallitus ei ole viaton tässä asiassa! As we have heard, we have the motiveless murder of an innocent man. Olemme kuulleet, että viaton mies on murhattu ilman motiivia.
  • innocuous
  • clean
    There is no such thing as a clean war. Ei ole olemassa mitään sellaista kuin viaton sota. Are these dishes clean? Your room is finally clean!Put a clean sheet of paper into the printer
  • clear
    as clear as crystalThe windshield was clear and cleanCongress passed the President’s Clear Skies legislation
  • immaculateWere but my soul as pure From other guilt as that, Heaven did not hold One more immaculate. — Sir John DenhamThou sheer, immaculate and silver fountain. — Shakespeare, Richard II, V-iii
  • ingenuous
  • inoffensivean inoffensive jokean inoffensive plant
  • irresponsible
  • nonguilty
  • pure
    That idea is pure madness!You’re pure busy.Tiger Woods pured his first drive straight down the middle of the fairway.
  • unguilty


  • viaton rikokseen
  • lapsen viaton usko
  • viaton valhe

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