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  • lash
    The culprit received thirty-nine lashesto lash something to a sparlash a pack on a horses back
  • hit
    One boy hit the otherThe ball hit the fenceHit him tonight and throw the body in the river
  • jabOur dog was exposed to rabies, so the whole family went to a clinic to get our jabs.
  • quip
  • retortto retort the charge of vanitya retorted line
  • shot
    The rear axle will have to be replaced. It’s shotThe cloak was shot through with silver threadsI have to go to bed now; I’m shot
  • slashA slash of his blade just missed my ear.He took a wild slash at the ball but the captain saved the teams skin by hacking it clear and setting up the team for a strike on the goalAfter the war ended, the army saw a 50% slash in their operating budget.

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