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  • crack
    One crack is the 2006 directive, which has already been mentioned; the other crack is the regulation on cooperation between the Member States. Toinen rako on vuonna 2006 annettu direktiivi, joka on jo täällä mainittu, ja toinen on jäsenvaltioiden välistä yhteistyötä käsittelevä asetus. Its been so dry, the ground is starting to crack.When I tried to stand on the chair, it cracked.
  • interstice
  • chinkThe door is not completely secure inasmuch as there is still a small chink in it. Tämä portti on nyt suljettu melkein kokonaan, mutta siinä on vielä pieni rako. The warrior saw a chink in her enemys armor, and aimed her spear accordingly.The chink in the theory is that the invaders have superior muskets.
  • cranny
  • geologic joint
  • hiatus
    Hiatus aorticus is an opening in the diaphragm through which aorta and thoracic duct pass.Words like reality and naïve contain vowels in hiatus.
  • interstitial
  • jointThe play was a joint production between the two companiesThis rod is free to swing at the joint with the platformThe water is leaking out of the joint between the two pipes
  • niche
    a niched vaseniche productsniche audience
  • opening
    The daily openings of the day lily bloom gives it its name.He remembered fondly the Christmas morning opening of presents.A salamander darted out of an opening in the rocks.
  • slot
    to slot a doorThe game offers four save slotsI walked past the poker tables and went straight to the slots

Definition für rako


  • Valon diffraktio yhdessä ja kahdessa raossa.
  • Viima käy oven raossa.
  • hometta seinän ja lattian välisessa raossa
  • olla ahtaassa raossa, pahassa raossa, tiukassa raossa

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