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  • constraint
    This was indeed a difficult constraint. Tämä oli tosiaankin hankala rajoite. Previously, financial market worries have been a serious constraint on governments. Rahamarkkinoiden huolenaiheet ovat aiemmin olleet hallituksille merkittävä rajoite. The difference between our legal systems, including their procedures, is clearly still a constraint. Erot oikeusjärjestelmissämme ja niiden menettelyissä ovat edelleen selkeä rajoite.
  • cramp
    Youre cramping my style.Youre going to need to cramp the wheels on this cramp boot legs
  • pale
    I have pale yellow wallpaperShe had pale skin because she didnt get much sunlightHis face turned pale after hearing about his mothers death
  • restriction
  • stay
    The governor stayed the execution until the appeal could be heardThat day the storm stayed.That horse stays well.

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