Finnisch-Englisch Übersetzung für poimu

  • fold
    If you fold the sheets, theyll fit more easily in the drawer.Cardboard doesnt fold very easily.The chair folded under his enormous weight.
  • ruga
    1997, the deadly water-snakes coil’d together like the Rugæ of a single great Brain, the gray and even illumination from the Sky. — Thomas Pynchon, Mason & Dixon
  • warp
    a warp of fishThe moisture warped the board badly .to warp space and time
  • convolution
  • crimp
    The strap was held together by a simple metal crimp.He crimped the wire in place.[[Cornish pasty
  • crinkle
    He crinkled the wrapper and threw it out.The old mans lined face crinkled into a smile.He observed the crinkles forming around his eyes and suddenly felt old.
  • ruck
  • wimple
    The wind wimples the surface of water.

Definition für poimu

  • läskikurttu

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