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  • exceptional
    Exceptional financial aid to Kosovo Poikkeuksellinen rahoitusapu Kosovolle That is an exceptionally positive thing. Tämä on poikkeuksellinen myönteinen asia. However, the point I raised is exceptional. Esittämäni asia on kuitenkin hyvin poikkeuksellinen.
  • different
    Several different scientists all reached this conclusion at about the same time
  • banner
    The mayor hung a banner across Main Street to commemorate the towns 100th anniversary.They usually make their case under the banner of environmentalism.
  • outré
  • peculiar
    I should also like to say to the Italian Presidency that a very peculiar procedure has taken place. Haluan myös kertoa puheenjohtajavaltio Italialle, että menettely on ollut hyvin poikkeuksellinen. The sky had a peculiar appearance before the stormIt would be rather peculiar to see a kangaroo hopping down a city street
  • uncommonBald eagles are an uncommon sighting in this stateThe diamond was of uncommon size

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