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  • take
    They took Charltons gun from his cold, dead handsIll take that plate off the tabletake the guards prisoner
  • withdrawalThe Commission is aware that charges for withdrawals of euro notes in the euro area differ if the transaction takes place outside the country of residence. Komissio on tietoinen, että eurosetelien nostosta perittävät kulut vaihtelevat euroalueella, jos otto tapahtuu asiakkaan asuinmaan ulkopuolella. heroin withdrawalnicotine withdrawal
  • debit
    A cash sale is recorded as debit on the cash account and as credit on the sales account.We shall debit your account for the amount of the purchaseWe shall debit the amount of your purchase to your account.
  • intakethe intake of airan intake of oxygen or foodthe new intake of students
  • Oscar
  • Otto
    Question No 13 by Otto von Habsburg (H-0329/99) Kysymys nro 13 Otto von Habsburg (H-0329/99): Our former fellow Member Otto von Habsburg is celebrating his 96th birthday today. Entinen kollegamme Otto von Habsburg täyttää tänään 96 vuotta. However, when he was praised by Otto von Habsburg, this fear disappeared. No, kun Otto von Habsburgkin alkoi ylistää häntä, tämä pelko hävisi.
  • shot
    The rear axle will have to be replaced. It’s shotThe cloak was shot through with silver threadsI have to go to bed now; I’m shot
  • taking; intake

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