Finnisch-Englisch Übersetzung für levy

  • plate
    I filled my plate from the bountiful table.I ate a plate of beans.The meat plate was particularly tasty.
  • disk
    A coin is a disk of metalVenus disk cut off light from the SunTurn the disk over, after it has finished
  • disc
    I think we all agree that it is the compact disc which can be patented, not the work of Dante or Shakespeare. Uskon kaikkien olevan yksimielisiä siitä, että CD-levy voidaan patentoida, ei Danten tai Shakespearen teos. A coin is a disc of metal.Venuss disc cut off light from the Sun.
  • drive
    Crassus had wealth and wit, but Pompey had drive and Caesar as much againNapoleons drive on Moscow was as determined as it was disastrousa typical steam drive, a nuclear drive; chain drive, gear drive; all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, left-hand drive
  • leaf
    gold leafThe train car has one single-leaf and two double-leaf doors per sideThe lettuce in our burgers is 100% hand-leafed.
  • optinen) disc
  • padThe author began to pad her succinct stories with trite descriptions to keep up with current market trends."Obama pads delegate lead ... with win in key western state." Austin American-Statesman newspaper, May 21, 2008.pad ones expenses.
  • panel
    Behind the picture was a panel on the wallToday’s panel includes John SmithThe last panel of a comic strip usually contains a punchline
  • plaque
    blown plaques concussion plaquesamyloid plaque pleural plaque senile plaque
  • recordWe are not a record which you play over and over again. Me emme ole CD-levy, jota soitetaan yhä uudelleen. This is not a proposal for the benefit of record labels. Tätä ehdotusta ei ole tehty levy-yhtiöiden eduksi. Today, 95% of what is distributed comes from the four big record companies. Tällä hetkellä 95 prosenttia levitettävästä materiaalista on peräisin neljältä suurelta levy-yhtiöltä.
  • sheet
    Use the sheets in the hall closet to make the bed.A sheet of paper measuring eight and one-half inches wide by eleven inches high is a popular item in commerce.Paper is designated “20 pound” if a stack (ream) of 500 sheets 22 inches by 17 inches weighs 20 pounds.
  • slab
  • splint
  • stick
    The beavers dam was made out of sticksI found several good sticks in the brush heapWhat do you call a boomerang that wont come back? A stick

Definition für levy


  • CD-levy, LP-levy, DVD-levy

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