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  • dose
    In contrast, a dose of genuine deregulation would bring wondrous results. Päinvastoin, annos todellista sääntelyn purkamista tuottaisi ihmeellisiä tuloksia. The dose from technetium 99 was 0.018 mSv in 1995 and 0.042 mSv in 1996. Technetium 99: n annos oli 0, 018 mSv vuonna 1995 ja 0, 042 mSv 1996. A dose of ambition is now called for, and we need to make more of the successes. Nyt tarvitaan annos kunnianhimoa; ja onnistumisia on korostettava enemmän.
  • portion
    Five portions per day, or around 400 g of fruit and vegetables, is the recommended daily allowance for a healthy and balanced diet. Viisi annosta tai noin 400 grammaa hedelmiä ja vihanneksia päivässä on suositeltu päivittäinen annos, jotta ruokavalio olisi terveellinen ja tasapainoinen.
  • round
    We sat at a round table to make conversation easierThe ancient Egyptian demonstrated that the Earth is round, not flatOur childs bed has round corners for safety
  • serving
    serving marinesa serving-girl
  • allowance
    her meagre allowance of food or drinkto make allowance for his naivetyTare]] and tret are examples of allowance
  • bit
    A horse hates having a bit put in its moutha threepenny bitA quarter is two bits
  • dish
    a dish of stewa vegetable dishthis dish is filling and easily made
  • draftto drink at a draft She took a deep draft from the bottle of water.I have to revise the first draft of my term paper.
  • hit
    One boy hit the otherThe ball hit the fenceHit him tonight and throw the body in the river
  • part
    Gaul is divided into three partsThe parts of a chainsaw include the chain, engine, and handleI want my part of the bounty
  • platter

Definition für annos

  • osuus tai määrä jotain
  • kerralla otettava määrä lääkettä


  • 19 annosta rommia, kiitos!

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