Englisch-Finnisch Übersetzung für trial

  • oikeudenkäyntiOikeudenkäynti ei ollut oikeudenmukainen. They did not get a fair trial. Oikeudenkäynti oli siis lavastettu. In short, his trial was a sham. Oikeudenkäynti on kuitenkin vielä käymättä. However, there is yet to be a trial.
  • koetus
  • kolmikkoKolmikko käveli kadulla.
  • koeKaikista sen jäsenvaltion alueella esiintyvistä vakavista haittatapahtumista, jossa koe tehdään, on tietenkin tehtävä ilmoitus. Notification must, of course, be given of any undesirable and serious occurrence in a Member State where the trial is taking place. Arvoisa puhemies, rakkaat kollegat, minulla on tunne, että tämä keskustelutilaisuus on eräänlainen koe Euroopan unionille. Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I feel as if, with the opportunity of this debate, the European Union as a whole is undergoing a kind of test, a trial.
  • koettelemusEuroopan tämänhetkinen koettelemus ei ole ensimmäinen eikä varmasti viimeinen, ja meidän on tämän vuoksi oltava optimistisia. The trial that Europe is currently passing through is not the first and it will certainly not be the last. and we must therefore be optimistic.
  • kokeiluversio
  • prosessi
  • triaali

Definition für trial

  • An opportunity to test something out; a test
  • Appearance at judicial court in order to be examined
  • A tryout to pick members of a team
  • A piece of ware used to test the heat of a kiln
  • Pertaining to a trial or test
  • To carry out a series of tests on before marketing or implementing it
  • To try out in a sports team
  • Characterized by having three components
  • Pertaining to a language form referring to three of something, like people; contrast ''singular'', ''dual'and ''plural''. (See for an example


  • They will perform the trials for the new equipment next week.
  • That boy was a trial to his parents.
  • soccer trials
  • The warning system was extensively trialed before being fitted to all our vehicles
  • The team trialled a new young goalkeeper in Saturdays match, with mixed results
  • No language has a trial number unless it has a dual.

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