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  • jänniteTämä jännite näkyy kaikissa keskusteluissamme. This tension characterises all our debates. Tämä on se jännite, josta meidän on oltava aina tietoisia. It is this tension that we always need to be clear about. Näyttää siltä, että jännite säilyy ainakin aluksi laajentumisen jälkeen. It looks as if this tension is set to stay, certainly initially, following enlargement.
  • jännitysEtninen jännitys on kiristynyt. Ethnic tension is once again mounting. Jännitys Montenegrossa lisääntyy. Tension surrounding Montenegro is mounting. Kuinka se aikoo toimia, jotta kriisi ja jännitys alueella saadaan lientymään? What action will it take to defuse the crisis and tension in the region?
  • jännittää

Definition für tension

  • The condition of being held in a state between two or more forces, which are acting in opposition to each other
  • A feeling of nervousness, excitement, or fear that is created in a movie, book, etc.; suspense
  • Force transmitted through a rope, string, cable, or similar object (used with prepositions ''on'', ''in'', or ''of'', e.g., "The tension in the cable is 1000 N", to convey that the same magnitude of force applies to objects attached to both ends
  • To place an object in tension, to pull or place strain on


  • We tensioned the cable until it snapped

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