Englisch-Finnisch Übersetzung für blind spot

  • sokea pisteTeillä on kuitenkin yksi sokea piste, joka on Euroopan parlamentin hallinto. However, you have a blind spot, which is the administration of the European Parliament.
  • katve
  • kuollut kulma

Definition für blind spot

  • The place where the optic nerve attaches to the retina, and so where the retina cannot detect light
  • In a stadium or , any location affording those seated or standing there only an obstructed visual or auditory experience
  • An inability to recognize a fact or think clearly about a certain topic, especially because of a prejudice
  • A subject or area about which one is uninformed or misinformed, often because of a prejudice or lack of appreciation
  • A location where radio reception and/or transmission is significantly poorer than in surrounding locations


  • When he changed lanes, he sideswiped a car that was in his blind spot.
  • Our seats turned out to be in a blind spot behind a pillar blocking our view on the stage.
  • He loves her so much that he has a blind spot when it comes to her faults.
  • The new study addresses the blind spot created by previous research having excluded healthy adult subjects.

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